Our welding training courses are carried out according to the programmes developed by TÜV SÜD and allow for obtaining welder qualifications:

  • pipe/plate fillet welder
  • plate butt welder
  • pipe butt welder

The company holds TÜV SÜD accreditation as a certified examination body.

Our highly experienced welding engineer with a European Welding Engineer (IWE) certificate conducts theoretical training sessions. Whereas our expert welding instructor with a European Welding Practitioner (IWP) certificate and years of experience in steel structures welding, runs practical training.

Welder training courses concern:

  • pipe and plate fillet welding
  • plate butt welding using the following processes:
    – MIG, MAG (131, 135, 136) method,
    – TIG (141) method.

Within the scope of our training activities, we also verify and extend welder qualification certificates in the following range:

  • qualification tests – granting or extension of approval,
  • verification tests – renewal of already granted approval,
  • validation tests – testing the welder’s current skills.

We can also verify particular welding technology in compliance with PN-EN ISO 15614 (manufacturer’s WPQR).

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